What does Data Driven mean?

Data Driven means that we use the information we have access to in order to make quantitate decisions about the best path to ROI. Data Driven does not mean we are averse to action, it means we trial, test (or) try new things. We make sure that we do so within parameters that give us the best information for future marketing decisions.

A/B testing, trialling new features, implementing new strategies, whilst all of these things seem as though they are not 'data driven' they allow Canny Digital to stay at the forefront of the technology. In our experience, Google Adwords campaigns that implement the new features are more effective.

With the new era of ‘Machine Learning’ it is the agency prerogative to be ready for the data to do its job. Campaigns can take advantage of the Machine doing a lot of the grunt work to show the right ad copy, to the right person, at the right time for the best result. Agencies that do not put their clients campaigns in a position to benefit, will reduce the capacity to increase return.

A theme you will find in many of our blog posts is the following… Timing isn’t everything, it’s the ONLY thing. If you can get the timing right in your marketing, all other components that make it up are purely inputs. It is the timing that led to the purchase decision, it is the timing that can bring the sale and it is the timing that can bring you unstuck.

As an agency, we will manage all  of the inputs, the Machine will manage the Timing. You as the advertiser will need to manage your customers.

Canny Digital aims to put the advertiser (our client) first. Your return on investment is our greatest barometer of success. Talk to us if you think you could be getting more out of your digital marketing.