Programmatic Ads

Ever wonder how some ads seem to show up just when you're thinking about them? Sure maybe Facebook & Google are "listening" (insert FBI guy meme), but for the most part you're just being targeted through Programmatic means.  Programmatic buying uses technology & audience insights to automatically buy & run a campaign in REAL TIME, reaching the right user with the right message.  The more data in the system, the more precise the targeting, the better fit for the ad.


Reach audiences across screens

With programmatic ads, it won't matter whether your intended audience is on a mobile, tablet, desktop, or even TV.  Programmatic capabilities are being added to more and more channels every day, further ensuring that your ad will be served to your audience at exactly the time they need to see it.  Take the guesswork out of advertising, and let technology do the work for you.


tap into multiple ad exchanges

While buying direct placements is still an option, with Programmatic ads you can tap into multiple ad exchanges on many different placements.  Timing is the important thing here and it's crucial that your ad is shown at the right time no matter the place or device.


Leverage audience insights

Through programmatic channels we can learn a lot about your audience.  Expand and multiply your potential client base, and leverage the audience insights you gain with targeted creatives for the best results.  Canny Digital can guide you in every step of the strategy in order to generate the best return for your business.